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Some people like ideal of carrying a firearm where it's visible OR have specific needs that require an in-person course.  For that we recommend the Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Course.  This course is 6 to 8 hours of class room with range time.  Students are required to pass a written test and make a minimum score during a shooting exercise.  


This is the NRA Basic Pistol Course -- a introduction to handgun safety rules and fundamental operations (handgun cleaning, shooting fundamentals and safe firearm storage).  The NRA (National Rifle Association) created this course with the beginner in mind but is also a great review for experienced firearm owners!  It's always a great time to brush up on the basics!

This course is also a pre-requisite for the NRA Pistol Instructor Certification.

Pistols are great, but many people would like basic information regarding rifles as well.  This course addresses the basic fundamentals of rifle care, maintenance, operation, and firearm safety.  The NRA (National Rifle Association) established this course with the new rifle owner in mind and is an excellent opportunity to review safe firearm habits.


This course is also a pre-requisite for the NRA Rifle Instructor Certification.

Do you shoot on your own land?  Have a personal range?  Perhaps you work or would like to work at a commercial firearms range?  

This course is designed to introduce firearm owners of all levels to the mindset of the Range Safety Officer.  The NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course provides insight on how to safely provide supervision while others are participating in firearm activities, development of standard operating procedures, and how to create a safe firearm environment.


If you work at a firearm range, this is a GREAT course to review much needed information.  This course is also a pre-requisite for the NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Certificate.

This day long course covers all the topics and concludes with a shooting portion where our instructors give a little one on one time to really dial in the fundamentals!  Personal and home defense, gear and gadgets, legal use of force, deadly encounters and advanced skills are just a few of the many topics we cover. 

The world is becoming a more complicated place day by day.  In this course we discuss the reality of mass shootings and the research that has helped understand the intent, event, and aftermath.  This is an excellent course for those considering a plan of action for their community or group.

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