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Online Concealed Carry Permit Course

What Does An Online Concealed Carry Permit Course Cover?

Tennessee allows you to obtain your concealed carry permit through an online course, and when you go through us at Waypoint Defensive, everything is easy and efficient.  Through our website, you can complete your course for $24.99, in about 2 hours. 

This course covers the full spectrum of essential firearm safety and law, so you get just as much material and useful education as you would in a longer in-person course. Material presented in the online concealed carry permit course includes:


  1. Firearms Safety Rules

  2. Handgun Features and Vocabulary

  3. Handgun Uses and Techniques

  4. Handgun Knowledge and Skills for Safe Handling

  5. Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition

  6. Safe Transportation and Safe Storage Methods In Vehicles

  7. Safe Handgun Cleaning Instruction

  8. Current Tennessee Law on Carrying Handguns

  9. A Q&A and Additional Tips

Upon successful completion of the Online Handgun Carry Permit course and online quiz at the end of each section, you simply print your official Waypoint Defensive course completion certificate and take it to your nearest DMV along with proof of residency and photo identification for your next steps. Then just wait for the mail to arrive, and you’ll have your Tennessee gun permit before you know it.

We look forward to you joining us here at Waypoint Defensive. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to support you throughout the online concealed carry permit course, and look forward to helping you obtain your Tennessee gun permit!

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