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We Surpassed 7,000 Visitors!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We want to thank the more than 7,000 (!) people who have come to to get their Tennessee handgun carry permit!

We're so proud of the feedback we've received thus far in PMs and emails for people who have taken our course online. You guys and gals are amazing!

We created the online TN handgun permit course over the course of 6 months and scripted more than 30 pages of information, plus all the content in the online course we created without scripts!

Our goal was to present information from state-certified instructors in a Tennessee-state approved from the perspective of "what do we wish we'd known when we first started shooting?" and from what our students have told us, we've accomplished that goal and then some!

The month planning and then weeks we spent filming, editing, redoing, reshooting, editing again, and then saying, "Oh, this would be a great addition...let's show people things that aren't required like shooting stances, examples of how the laws apply in different scenarios, and how to clean your gun an easy and effective way." Those are just a few examples, but I think you get the point!

So thank you again to all of you who have entrusted us to help educate you. Our years of learning and teaching others has helped us create this course, and we're just incredibly grateful to all of you.

You're all amazing! Please continue to spread the word, and if you have any questions, just hit us at

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