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Tennessee REQUIRES a permit for open or concealed carry firearms in public!

Everyday we meet more people that think TN residents can open carry in public or conceal carry without a permit. This is incorrect. In Tennessee you are required to have a permit to open or conceal carry a firearm.

This largely became a problem as Tennessee legislation attempted to champion "permitless carry". This proposed law would have allowed Tennessee residents to carry firearms without the need for the current permit system -- unless they wanted reciprocity. Governor Lee endorsed this proposed legislation and the local media spread the news far and wide...


The legislation required both the House and Senate to approve it's passage. The Governor's endorsed bill and the other variations of the bill did not make it past subcommittee vote in either the House or the Senate. Since none of the proposed bills received the appropriate number of votes... and then were never signed by the Governor, they did NOT become law.

So we have a LOT of people who still believe that Tennessee became a permitless carry state. Or that you can 'open carry' in public in Tennessee without a permit. These two ideas are incorrect.

Just because the media posts an article doesn't mean it's true. ;) We are glad to answer any questions.

Until then.... here's an educational video:

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