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Why Take This Course vs. Going to a Local Trainer?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

When we founded Waypoint Defensive, we wanted to teach a better version of the Tennessee Enhanced carry permit course (or at that time the “Tennessee Handgun Permit Course”). We took the course with various instructors three times in Tennessee and once in Mississippi. For science, basically. We wanted to see how much the information varied from course to course.

Overall, the concealed carry permit curriculum left be offered (in our opinions). The Tennessee concealed carry course hadn’t been updated in quite some time with modern information (kinesthetics, shooting stance, correct grip, etc.), either. Not enough information coupled with outdated techniques for something as important as carrying a firearm didn't sit well with us. So we set a course to design a course to provide actual training for concealed carry in addition to the mandated information for the Handgun Permit Course…


Everyone pull up a chair…

A handgun permit course does not teach practical self-defense application, techniques, theory, or an appreciable level of marksmanship. If you’re new to this world, you may just shrug and say, “Erm, ok.” If you’re not, that statement may offend you a little.

Over the years, firearm instructors collectively developed an ideology supporting the notion the permit course was ‘training’ for how to carry and deploy a firearm for self-defense. Now it *is* possible to find a permit course instructor that incorporates this training into their class – but is it *not* required and it is *not* standardized by the state of Tennessee. We advocate that our students take additional training.

A single course, regardless of length, will not take a brand new shooter or a novice into intermediate territory. That’s why we focused on providing as much practical instruction in our course as possible; we want our students to know why they’re doing what they’re doing, learn the fundamentals, and then train further and build on the fundamentals we provide. We advocate every student get as much additional instruction from other instructors as possible!

Our Tennessee online permit course provides a path to permit acquisition with the fewest obstacles at a much lower price point. We believe it is quality education that surpasses the original lecture material in the traditional coursework in a format that is more accessible to the general public.

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