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Tennessee Handgun Permit Course

Experienced Instructors to Guide You Through Your Tennessee Handgun Permit Course

Waypoint Defensive offers the TN Department of Safety-approved online handgun carry permit course for the entire state of Tennessee, which can be completed in about 2 hours (vs. the older 8-hour in-person course). How can we offer the same amount of practical and useful information in a much shorter amount of time? A lot of it has to do with our instructors.

All our services, including our Tennessee handgun permit course, are developed and overseen by Brian and Ben, two firearm enthusiasts with a firm belief in responsible and safe gun ownership. Through Waypoint Defensive, they can help you get a handgun permit in Tennessee. 

Brian has been a resident of Tennessee for most of his life. With more than 15 years of experience in the medical field and 10 years in the world of firearms, he practically lives and breathes the realities of safe self-defense applications. 

Just a few certifications Brian holds include:


  • American Heart Association Instructor

  • Red Cross Instructor

  • National Association of Emergency Medical Technician Instructor

  • Tennessee-Certified Handgun Instructor (Enhanced)

  • Tennessee-Certified Online Handgun Safety Course Instructor

  • Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Instructor

  • Certified Pistol Instructor

  • Certified Rifle Instructor

  • Chief Range Safety Officer

  • Range Safety Officer

He also spent more than a decade training in martial arts. When Brian is not rock climbing or saving lives, he's working on the latest instruction to help you lead a safer life.

Ben lived in five different countries before making Nashville, Tennessee his home. Ben has resided in Tennessee for more than 15 years, and during that time cultivated not just a hobby, but a genuine love for firearms and shooting sports. Ben is a Tennessee state-certified firearm instructor with various sub-discipline certifications and is a competition shooter in his spare time. 


Ben has the desire, dedication, and experience to help those around him become educated, safe, and extremely effective in the responsible use of firearms. On his off days, you will find him hiking with his Goldendoodle Huxley, or working on his shooting fundamentals and videography skills with his hopelessly beautiful wife, Annabella.

With Brian and Ben’s combined skill set and passion for responsible firearm usage, Waypoint Defensive has a distinct advantage over competing firms. If you want a handgun permit in Tennessee, signing up for our Tennessee handgun permit course allows you to take advantage of their smart and practical approach to gun education.

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