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Yes! The Tennessee Department of Safety has approved this online course, and it's taught by Tennessee-certified instructors.  Both head instructors have been certified, audited, and approved by the state of Tennessee.  Since the beginning of the Online Concealed Carry Permit, we have provided Tennessee's best reviewed course to thousands of students.  Our school is listed on the website as a Concealed Carry Permit Online Class Third Party Vender and an Enhanced Handgun Safety School.  This allows Waypoint Defensive to provide credentialed, quality instruction while being accepted in Tennessee and other states through permit reciprocity. 

Why Should I Take Your Carry Permit Course?

We let our students and their respective feedback speak for us.  Practically every student that completes out Online Concealed Carry Course to obtain a gun permit has left either a 5-Star or positive review online. Join the thousands who have taken our handgun carry training course (we have a 5 out of 5-star average rating), and after the course, engage with our whole community of supportive members on Facebook you can ask questions and share stories with. They’re a great group of people, many of whom didn’t know a single thing about firearms to begin with.
Our instructors frequently engage with students online and in person through various NRA and USCCA courses while also promoting safe, practical online education sessions.
Remember - it's important to seek education from fully credentialed instructors, vetted by the State of Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.  Waypoint Defensive offers Tennessee's BEST online firearm education. 

Why Is Your Course So Much Cheaper Than Anywhere Else?

The founders of Waypoint Defensive have day jobs. We’re doing just fine. Training people--and those people in turn getting their concealed carry permits from this course--isn’t about us making a bunch of money. It’s about sharing our years of combined knowledge and giving back to the community that helped us learn when we were new and embarrassed and had questions we didn’t know where to find the answers to. This course will lead you to getting your permit--which we learned has reciprocity, meaning you can use this permit in almost every other state in the U.S.--is about you. Not us.
We have been very fortunate to receive amazing instruction in firearms and we don't believe price or time should be a barrier to quality instruction.  Our reward is knowing that single parents, busy family members, and hard working citizens have access to the education needed to appropriate defend themselve.


Our course is based on the Tennessee standard curriculum requirements released in January 2020.  Once we reviewed the material, we immediate set forth to exceed expectations with practical, realistic information while also making the presentation understandable.

This course covers the following, so you will have as much knowledge as possible while still taking online 90 minutes!  

Material presented:

1. Firearms Safety Rules

2. Handgun Features and Vocabulary

3. Handgun Uses and Techniques

4. Handgun Knowledge and Skills for Safe Handling

5. Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition

6. Safe Transportation and Safe Storage Methods In Vehicles

7. Safe Handgun Cleaning Instruction

8. Current Tennessee Law on Carrying Handguns

9. A Q&A and Additional Tips


Super easy. You can get your concealed carry handgun permit in 3 easy steps! Watch our video course from your mobile device, tablet, or computer anytime. This course can be completed at your own pace!

STEP 1. Complete our online course to obtain your certificate (click below to sign up at our introductory rate).

STEP 2. Take your certificate and valid ID to any local DMV to finish the application and pay permit fees.

STEP 3. Wait for your permit via mail. That’s it! And while your permit is in the mail, join us on Facebook and hang out with the community if you’re feeling sociable. We have some really awesome students there!

When did Waypoint Defensive start?

Waypoint Defensive was formally formed in 2019 as a shared idea between two avid firearms enthusiasts.  Ben and Brian wanted to help spread firearm safety and education to as many people as possible.  Originally just an idea, Waypoint Defensive quickly became TN's best online source for online concealed carry permits and general firearm education.

Does Waypoint Defensive teach in person courses?

Absolutely!  We provide a full catalog of in person courses that are catered the the specific person or group.  We don't believe in 'one size fits all' and strive to make a quality learning environment based on YOUR particular needs.  In-person courses can be held at either public or private establishments. 

Does Waypoint Defensive teach group classes?

Sometimes it's better to teach in groups... and sometimes we naturally feel more comfortable when we learn in group settings.  With that in mind, Waypoint Defensive provides some courses in large group formats so that ideas and information can be shared.  Whether it's firearm safety lectures or a presentation on concealed carry techniques, Waypoint Defensive is happy to provide firearm education in the format YOU want.

What about family classes?

We fully RECOMMEND family courses.  We believe that firearm education and handgun safety doesn't belong to just one person -- everyone should know and understand the basic firearm safety rules.  Family class settings provide a comfortable setting, allows family members to express concerns and questions, and promotes a family protection plan in regards to firearm safety.

Can I take the Tennessee Online Concealed Carry Course anytime?

One of the best reasons to the the Online Concealed Carry Course is because it's available ANYTIME ANYWHERE!  The Tennessee approved permit course developed for the Online Concealed Carry Permit is taught in segments.  So many students complete all 90 minutes at once, while others finish 10-15 minutes sections while they have time.  In fact we have a lot of students who are able to complete the education while on breaks at work.  It's all about providing access to everyone regardless of their busy schedule!  No need to take off work, travel, hire a babysitter or even waste a weekend!

If I lose my certificate, can I get new copy?

Since all of our courses are available electronically, you are automatically emailed a link that allows you to download the certificate.  In the event of Zoom or in-person courses, we also email a copy of the completed course certificate to you as well!  Now you have access to your education records anytime anywhere!

I don't have a printer, will Waypoint Defensive mail me a physical copy?

If you don't have a printer, we will gladly print your certificate and mail you a physical copy for a small administration fee.  We do this to ensure the appropriate documentation is available for out students who are applying for the Online Concealed Carry Permit.  You're a busy person, so we help you out!

What's better -- the Enhanced or Online Permit?

Each permit has small differences that can steer students to one or the other.  We believe the Online Concealed Carry Permit makes the most sense financially and practically to many Tennessee residents who are simply looking to conceal carry a handgun.  It's a quarter of the time requirement, less than half the price, and more easily completed than the Enhanced Handgun Permit. 

What's concealed carry?

Concealed carry is when your handgun is not readily visible to others in a public setting.

What is open carry?

Open Carry is when you have you handgun visible to others -- such as in a holster on the side of your hip without a covering.   We typically do not recommend this unless the situation dictates the need and the firearm owner has been trained in pistol retention techniques.

Why is open carry sometimes a bad idea?

Open Carry means that your firearm is easily seen by others.  Based on some societal norms, this can be intimidating to some or threating to others.  Open Carry without proper retention holsters or situational awareness can increase the likelihood of the owner losing their weapon in an altercation.

Do you teach private lessons?

All the time!  Some students learn better in one on one environments or simply don't respond well to group settings.  We also understand that some request the privacy of their instruction, and we do our best to accommodate that!  Private instruction is available at various locations and can even include private TN Handgun Permit Courses as well.

Do you have any recommendations for my first pistol?

This is a common question in our courses!  There is usually no easy answer but we can make several recommendations based on your stature and skill level.  We want to ensure that you have a pistol that is not only highly reliable, but also something you enjoy using!  But when in doubt, get a Glock 19. ;)

All course payments to Waypoint Defensive are non-refundable.

©Waypoint Defensive, LLC 

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