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The fee for the permit will be $65 at the DMV once you pass the Waypoint Defensive Course

Once you complete the Tennessee approved Online Concealed Carry Course, simply print off the certificate and visit the DMV.  The DMV will charge $65 for the Concealed Carry Permit application and for the background check.  This is much less than the fee typically associated with a handgun carry permit and one reason why so many pic the Online Concealed Carry Course.

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Training requirements

Our Online Concealed Carry Course meets all the requirement for the Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit.  Using the Tennessee approved curriculum, we have made the presentation practical, convenient, and most of all -- affordable.  The topics we cover include:  

Firearms Safety Rules

Handgun Features and Vocabulary

Handgun Uses and Techniques

Handgun Knowledge and Skills for Safe Handling

Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition

Safe Transportation and Safe Storage Methods In Vehicles

Safe Handgun Cleaning Instruction

Current Tennessee Law on Carrying Handgun

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When you complete the course, you simply print the certificate and visit a DMV if you'd like to apply for a permit! 

Must fill out CCP Proof of Training form to submit along with training proof

When visiting a DMV, the CCP  Proof of Training form is typically provided.  If not, you can simply click on the link above to visit the website.  This form only requires a few seconds to fill out and the required information is on your course completion certificate.  Our State Approved course is issued a Online Course Number which is found in the center of your course completion certificate.

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The card will have an eight (8) year expiration date

Not only is the Online Concealed Carry Permit more convenient and affordable, but it also has the same valid length as the more expensive Enhanced Permit!  The Online Concealed Carry Permit is valid for a full 8 years after your application is approved.

May not carry at any school or university (public or private)

Remember!  You cannot carry your concealed firearm at any school or university with your Online Concealed Carry Permit.  This is why we stress the appropriate firearm laws and devote a full course section just to the topic!

All course payments to Waypoint Defensive are non-refundable.

©Waypoint Defensive, LLC 

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