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IFAKs?? What's an IFAK??

So I’m Brian – an instructor with Waypoint Defensive and I’ve worked in pre-hospital care for well over a decade. I’ve worked with patients in the back of trucks, in ambulances, and in aircraft all over the US but one thing has remained constant in all these experiences… Prompt, effective, basic interventions help save lives. It’s great to have all the fancy equipment, but in the end it’s the first responder – or the first person that just happens to be at the scene of the incident that makes the most difference.

Commonly professional medial aid can take 10-15 minutes to arrive on scene in large urban areas or up to an hour in rural communities. Instead of waiting on the professionals and supplies to come to US, how about we carry on our person an Individual First Aid Kit. The contents of an IFAK can help provide the needed time to save a life by way of stopping blood loss OR helping to maintain a patient’s ability to breathe.

So I know you’re probably asking – Brian what’s the difference between an IFAK or a normal first aid kit?

That’s actually a good question and this topic commonly misunderstood.

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