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Is the shooting exercise needed?

A lot of people place emphasis on the shooting portion of a concealed carry permit course. Granted, it's always a plus to receiving practical training by way of a well structured course of fire.

But in the traditional online concealed carry permit course, is the shooting qualification practical and well structured?

  1. The shooting component of the traditional concealed carry permit course is currently an expensive proposition to the average student. With even 9mm ammunition sometimes reaching $45 per box of 50 rounds, we can only hope they pass on the first attempt. Want to practice? Buy a second box of ammo! Are some calibers cheaper? Well yes, but shooting cheaper 22LR takes away from the purpose of creating practical shooting experience.

  2. Don't have a firearm? Well there's another $10-$25 to rent a firearm from a range.

  3. Not at a private range? Some traditional courses split the educational experience between an off-site classroom and a range. Then sometimes you'll pay a separate range fee to complete the shooting qualification. There's another $10-$15....

Already that's not very financially practical right? $65 - $135 extra right there. Whew.

Now let's look at the practicality of the actual course of fire:

  1. The course is performed from a static position. Meaning you're not drawing a pistol during this course of fire except to initially prepare for commands. Typically at an indoor range, the pistol is place on a stand or table to reduce the amount of time a student manipulates the firearm. This has little to no practical application to a self-defense encounter.... unless the bad guy is nice enough to let you prepare your firearm and pull out a small table. ;)

  2. The course of fire is not timed. "Excuse me Mr. Bad Guy, give me just a moment."

  3. Targets are placed at 3, 5, and 7 yards. So, I guess we wait till the Bad Guy gets that close right?

So what does the shooting portion of a traditional permit course teach us? The only practical application is the demonstration of a trigger press and a subpar level of accuracy.

Why should we continue to emphasize an expensive exercise when we can place those funds towards a training course that teaches appropriate concealed carry techniques? Why should we make it MORE expensive to get a permit when the extra cost doesn't help the student?

Take your permit course with Waypoint Defensive then apply those saved funds to either one of our private course OR with many of the popular, specific classes to fit your needs!

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